Global Map Conference #1 (Stick Arena Map Contest)


Username: Capone
Map Slot: 3
Category : 1v1
Map Name : Kill.To.Survive

(Hell's Dragon) #25

Username: 4uj
Category: One vs. One
Map Name: SecretLocation
Map Slot: 3

Username: pong0
Category: Free for All
Map Name: Battleplace
Map Slot: 4

Username: 4uj
Category: Capture The Flag
Map Name: WrongWay
Map Slot: 2

Username: 4uj
Category: Creative Visual Design
Map Name: YEE
Map Slot: 1

#1 pong0 and 4uj are not my accounts. I I borrowed them from Lexus, because I don’t have enough map slots. If I win some prize, please submit it to my official account: RealSimon
#2 Two more maps will probably appear next week. Then it will be all from me.

(☠) #26

The weapons and spawns sometimes don’t appear when you first load your map so you gotta load it again. Once you do everything should be there.

(RaS) #27

Really bro… Your gonna steal my map and put it into ur own? Atleast tell me…


I helped you make this map lol. and I also edited some more, but yeah If the map so happen to be good for its category then i dont see why both of us can get credit sorry that i didnt add your name.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #29

Username: Shad0ws
Category: Best Capture The Flag Map
Map Name: RedvsBlue
Map Slot: 3

Username: Shad0ws
Category: Best Melee Map
Map Name: Domination
Map Slot: 4

Username: Shad0ws
Category: Best 1v1 Map
Map Name: Heat
Map Slot: 5


Username: gohan12341
Category: Free-for-all
Map Name: hardstyle
Map Slot: 5

(Shad0ws / Jon) #31

Built by Capone and Shad0ws

Username (acc. for prizes): Shad0ws
Category: Best 2v2 Map
Map Name: Vengeance
Map Slot: 2

(Shad0ws / Jon) #33

You already submitted a 2v2 map, also.

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #35

Apple and Codfish are the map judges and now are running the Map Contest, PM them with questions.

(Schall) #39

(Schall) #40

(Hell's Dragon) #41

Username: 4uj
Category: Three vs. Three
Map Name: Dusty2
Map Slot: 4


Built by NickMD & Capone

Username ( Account for Prize ): Capone
Category : CTF Map
Map Name : ctf.2k18
Map Slot: 5


Username: Capone
Category: Melee
Map Name: MeleeMachine
Map Slot: 2


Username: NickMD
Category: FFA
Map Name: Riverside Rumble
Map Slot: 5

Username: NickMD (Built by Capone and NickMD, prize to NickMD)
Category: Competitive 1v1 Map
Map Name: Friction
Map Slot: 4

More to come, hopefully!

(Hell's Dragon) #45

Username: 4uj
Category: Melee
Map Name: PacRush
Map Slot: 5

I know about black background on this map! I did it deliberately.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #46

Username: h0ver (my alt. account for slots)
Account for prizes: Shad0ws
Category: Best Aim Map
Map Name: Colosseum
Map Slot: 2

EDIT: yes, the timers were set to 0

(Shad0ws / Jon) #47

Username: Shad0ws
Category: Best Free For All Map
Map Name: Territory
Map Slot: 1


username: itsjustnotfair
category: aim map
map name: heart
map slot: 1