Global Map Conference #1 (Stick Arena Map Contest)

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #1


Welcome to the 1st Global Map Conference!

It’s time to be imaginative, creative, and inventive again! Let the community see the talented individuals to whom can show their abilities in map creation.

This is an event where an individual can win multiple prizes! There will be multiple categories to enter in for map building prizes!

Map Contest Categories

If you need immediate assistance with Map building and or questions about the categories, please contact Eminence, Codfish, and or Apple512881 on the forums via Private Message, make sure to invite “Eminence” to the private message.

Each Map Category will have its corresponding Spinner, Labpass Days, and Creds

Best Capture The Flag map – Build a “CTF” map, must include one hammer on each ends of the map. Each side must mirror one another for fairness.


3 Labpass days + 2000 creds

Best Aim Map – Build a pro [1v1] aim map, where competitive pros can test their glock skills against one another a closed off environment.


2 Labpass days + 1500 creds

Best Free-for-all/[3v3] map – Build a map that six players can play in. Any weapons, any style.


2 Labpass days + 1000 creds

Best Melee Map – Build a map that emphasizes the use of the “Melee”. (Only weapons in map are Melee)


2 Labpass days + 1000 creds

Best Competitive [2v2] map – Build a “pro” (Two versus Two) map where players can seamlessly aim, corner, and or snipe. (No map size limit – Larger Maps are encouraged!)


3 Labpass days + 1000 creds

Best Competitive [1v1] map – Build a “pro” (One versus One) map where players can seamlessly aim, corner, and or snipe. (30x30 Size limit or less) — This will be the only category with a size limit.


3 Labpass days + 1500 creds

Best Last Man Standing map – Build a map where the objective of the game is to stay alive as long as possible. (If player dies, they are eliminated)


Best Creative Visual Design map - Build a map where you use map tiles to make a visual design of something. (Rudolph, Santa, Tacos, Toads, Fishes, Horses, etc)


2 Labpass days + 1000 creds

Submission Rules & Information

  • Player qualification: Individuals must be verified players to enter a submission (
  • Each submission needs to be made in Stick Arena Dimensions main website (No Third-Party applications)
  • Each submission can only contain seven maps max — one map for each different reward category
  • Do Not enter a submission with more than one map for one category (e.g., two maps for “One vs One”)
  • Submissions with multiple map entries — Please designate the category for each map.
    (Only one map can win one category).
  • Submission may either be new maps or recently completed maps
  • If you are unsure of what category to enter the submission under; enter the map under one category first, then edit the map extensively to fit the description of the other category you think it belongs to.
  • Multiple individuals may work on the entry submission. However, prizes will be given to one account.
  • Submissions can be made on alternate accounts. Please state your main account in your submission as well as the alternate account you chose to make the map on.
  • Please state your Stick Arena Username in your submission! (Prize will be distributed to this account)

Time of Map Contests
GMC Map Contest One ends at July 31st

Map Screenshot Tool
Eedok Map Screenshot Tool -

Map contest committee will determine the winners of each category

Organization Structure
GMC Creator: Eminence
Contest Coordinators: Apple512881 & Codfish
Graphics Specialist: Apple512881
Map Contest Committee: Eminence, Codfish, Lexus, Apple512881, Schallmeister


XGen Gaming Community:
User: Eminence#1289
“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but felt by the heart” #TouchinHearts

(Mint) #5

Username: Mint56
Category: Best Visual Map
Map Name: Gong
Map Slot 3

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #6

Global Map Conference Announcement

You can converse with one another on the maps that are posted here. Tell each other the positives and negatives about the maps. You can always change your map with the proper edits before the Deadline.

Please contact @Apple512881 if you have any questions or immediate concerns

(Ice) #7

Username: Ic3
Category: CTF Map
Map Name: Undergroud.CTF
Map Slot: 5


Username: m0tionlesskills.
Map slot 1. “Requiem”
Category: Free For All.

(info) #9

Username: browyd
Category: 1v1 map
Map Name: battle.beta
Map Slot: 1



Find your map using this tool, right click and save it.


Username: Rossignol
Category: Melee map
Map Name: King of Space ( Dimension background)
Map Slot: 4


Username: Capone
Category: Aim Map
Map Name: ATL.AIM
Map Slot: 2
I’ve made a alternative aim map where if you’re tired of aiming you can start cornering or doing your own thing after a minimal of time. This map can also maybe help you with your corners and aim if you find the right partner to do this with.


Username : Capone
Category: 3v3
Map Name: Capone,HQ
Map Slot:1

("Welcome to the Jungle" - William Bruce Rose, Jr.) #14

Username : nonstopf
Category: image
Map Name: 4x.side.v.side.2.non
Map Slot:5


Username: Rossignol
Category: 1v1
Map name: ViciousPrison
Map slot: 3

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #16

Username: Schooler
Category: CTF
Map Name: Production
Map Slot: 3

Username: Schooler
Category: Aim
Map Name: LavAim
Map Slot: 5

(Ajay) #17

They only said that they want symmetry for fairness. Visual differences shouldn’t affect the gameplay of the map.

(Mint) #18

Username: Mint56
Map Slot 2
Category: Aim
Map Name: Southern Boroughs


Username: Rossignol
Map slot: 2
Category: FFA
Map name: Rigged

(Mint) #20

Username: mint56
Map Slot 3
Category: Best Melee Map
Map Name: Drifting Pod


Username: Capone
Map Slot: 4
Category: 2v2
Map Name: Original.HQ


Username: Capone & Raspy (Acc. For Prize - Capone)
Map Slot: 5
Category: Best Last Standing
Map Name: Lasertag

(☠) #23

Username: Le0
Map slot: 4
Category: CTF
Map Name: Toxic Matter