Giving Away a SPINNER!

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EDIT: Contest over. Congrats Carlos!

Hey everyone!

One of the prizes for the map contest is my “Raw” Pro spinner. As the designer of said spinner, I am eligible to put it on any account I choose. Since I already have this spinner on both accounts I use, I have decided to give it away to the winner of this forum contest! Note that a Lab Pass is required to use this spinner.


If you would like this spinner, send me (Schooler) a Private Message on either the forums or Discord (Schooler#2381) telling me why you should have this spinner. Please send your PM by January 12, 2019. After the deadline, I will pick one winner based solely on the content of the PM. Note that anyone who has previously won the “Raw” spinner on any of their accounts is ineligible to participate in this contest.

Best of luck!!


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Not everyone can use the PM feature. :frowning_face:

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Wait, really?? I did not know that. In that case, you can also send me a Direct Message on Discord. I’m Schooler#2381 .

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As far i know you have to be at least basic user to send a private message. For all new users if you want change trust level to basic user send me private message on discord Lex#5538.
However, it doesn’t apply if you are suspended or silenced user.
Example How to send a private message:

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To get trust level 1 you must:

  • Enter at least 5 topics
  • Read at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

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Still a week left to get your PM’s in :smiley:

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The contest has ended. Congratulations @Carlos! You win the “Raw” spinner on an account of your choice; contact Schall to get the spinner on your account.

Thank you to all the participants! I enjoyed reading all the PM’s :slight_smile:

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