Favorite Weapons in Stick Arena

(Shad0ws / Jon) #1

As the title says.
Not that you have to choose one, because it’s a number ranking (with reasons).

  1. Glock. Best control in terms of ranged weapons, and it’s grown on me as a “pro” gun.
  2. Sledgehammer. Instant kill + aim = OP.
  3. AK-47. Bursts of 3 are ideal for cover fire, not to mention it’s sometimes really hard to hit a guy who is holding an AK. No idea why.
  4. Shotgun. Good weapon, if you’ve got a wall to hide behind. Harder to dodge with, but sometimes you can manage.
  5. Chainsaw. 3 hits to kill, easy to dodge with. Decent range too, but sometimes it can be hard to hit people with. It’s just more of a personal favorite of mine.

You can do less than 5 if it seems tedious, I don’t care. Lol.


Ranged Weapons:

  1. Glock
  2. Ak47
  3. Shotgun
  4. Railgun
  5. Flamethrower
  6. Chaingun

Melee Weapons:

  1. Hammer
  2. Lightsaber
  3. Sword
  4. Chainsaw
  5. Bat
  6. Tesla helmet

(Metrø ßoomin) #3

Glock & AK becuase they were the most skill demanding

(Mint) #4
  1. Sledgehammer 4ever. One-shot plus melee. Quick, clean and efficient. The perfect killing instrument.

Not to mention hammers4lyfe.

None of the rest matter

  1. Glock. Easy to dodge, shoot, and this weapon will do wonders for you when you have mastered the art of using the glock.
  2. Lightsaber. Just like the katana, but deals more damage than the katana.
  3. Sledgehammer. This weapon is a damn powerhouse if you know how to use it perfectly.
  4. Katana. Move fast, attack fast, and easy to get a kill if you have the drop on the enemy.
  5. AK-47. Perfect for when taking cover and shooting at an angle.
  6. Shotgun. 3-hit kill and good for when camping behind a wall
  7. Bat. Good damage and perfect with you have the drop on the enemy.
  8. Chaingun. Decent damage, but extremely fast rate of fire
  9. Chainsaw. 3-hit kill, but it’s hard to get a hit on an enemy for some odd reason
  10. Flamethrower. Decent damage, but you move pretty slow and the range is not that good for a ranged weapon
  11. Railgun. Although it is a 2-hit kill, the extreme weight and very slow rate of fire of the weapon can be difficult to get a kill with.
  12. Tesla helmet. Basically using your fists, but with slightly increased damage and range similar to the bat .
  13. Fists. Obviously this thing is going to be on the bottom of the list, but I don’t know if I should even consider fists as a weapon.

(Lexus(17)) #6

Ranged Weapons:

Melee Weapons:
6.Tesla helmet


Weapon favorites when fun is the goal

  1. Bat - I have the most fun with this, good for close combat, I like to setup the kill, get a couple hits move back and repeat, I like the sound also.

  2. Glock - good fire rate, has range and okay movement speed.

  3. Shotgun – I like the 3 shot kill, wish there was a double shotgun ala DooM.

  4. Sledgehammer - fun to use especially when opponent not expecting it coming down a hallway.

  5. AK-47 – like to use from where it’s not expected to come from.

  6. Katana - I like the spastic speed and close combat use.

  7. Lightsaber - best sound

  8. Least favorite below
    Chainsaw – rather have an axe.
    Flamethrower - rather have a grenade.
    Tesla helmet - Cool sound
    Fists - A fist kill is fun it’s just too infrequent.
    Chaingun - slow speed, bad in close combat
    Railgun - slow fire rate and player speed. Maybe if I had LP and used it more I would appreciate it.

(Ajay) #8

Saber is easily the best weapon in the game

(hypercasual) #9


(Kincaid) #10

Lightsaber; fun to use and nice to hear.


Yeah I’d say that I high key ■■■■ ed with the Tesla helmet, definitely got me far in my skill to kill stickheads


My favorite weapon has always been the Katana. My favorite ranged weapon is probably the AK, although I like using the SG as well. I never really was a fan of the glock, but since it is used almost exclusively by the ‘pros’, I sorta had to train with it : /

(Donovan) #13