Farewell everybody


I dont really know what to say here. There is only a few select people worth saying goodbye too as pretty much the community i once knew is completly gone. Unfortunatly my pc broke so even if I wanted to play I’m not buying a new pc. So farewell xgen. Goodbye to emine and cod. The only two mods currently who actually give a hoot. You guys are the real deal. You listen to the community. Which i think might be the first time in SA history.
Anyways, its been real and I dont want to get to into it because it is only a flash game. But its a game i grew up playing and for some reason chose over alot of console games. I have alot of great and fun memories. Farewell xgen. -Hotpipe/blacksparrow14 07-18

(Shane) #2

It’s been real man, wish you could have stayed, but we all have busy lives – I understand.

But you got to do what’s best for yourself.

You will be missed bro, drop by from time-to-time if anything – stay on the discord if you can :v:


Yah everything emi said bro and more! You and i know what was good, you will be missed bro and stop by time to time if you can. Cya brotha

(Tazer) #4

damn i’ve only known you since like december, but it’s been fun. good luck with life and all my guy

(Nick) #5

Thank you for the quality games we’ve had, Hotpipe. You’ve influenced the community positively and I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. ~Codfish


I’ll see you later, Hotpipe. The Urinal games we played were great. I might see you later if you come back in a few months or few years. I left for a few years myself, and thought I would be gone forever, but I came back here. Good luck in everything.

(Lexus(17)) #7

Your return to SA wasn’t too long, but unforgettable. I was hoping you will play at least to end season 4. However, this is not going to happen . Be sure, you will be missed .

(icykiller2) #8

Peace, man. You will be missed


Hope things start looking up for you. Get that productive spark and move into the right direction.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #10

I remember in 2013 2dc was packed and you were telling funny af jokes lol we weren’t friends but I remember you.

Farewell Hotpipe!