E3 Livestream and Discussion

(Scott) #1

Anyone else watching the E3 news today?

EA’s presentation is happening right now

(Scott) #2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks so fun.

(Mike) #3

I haven’t been watching it but I might have to tomorrow when Bioware shows details on this new Anthem game they just released a teaser for.

(Scott) #4

Yeah! I saw the teaser for that live. I’m intrigued!

(Mike) #5

It looks promising. Plus I love a new IP.

(Greg) #6

Microsofts press conference was actually REALLY good. From Xbox one X to all the games they shown.

(Scott) #7

I didn’t watch it, but I did see the gameplay from Bioware’s new IP: Anthem! Looks really cool.

Any games stand out from Microsoft’s presser for you?

(Greg) #8

Honestly, I just really liked how they did their press conference. They jumped right out of the gate with the announcement of the Xbox one X, then they just went straight into a game after game after game.They didn’t have much boring talking about the game they were showing.

Forza 7 looked extremely good in 4k. That Anthem game looked really good as well. They had a few other triple A titles that looked good too.

I still have to watch the Playstation conference, but before watching it I believe Microsoft won this E3 with ez.


I love E3! It’s always so exciting to see what’s coming next. I was really looking forward to the Xbox X and mario odyssey.