Completed [7/22] WSF Loaded Glocks Tournament Sign-Ups (SA)


Loaded Glocks will take place on July 22nd at 6:00 PM Eastern Time in Stick Arena Classic. This tournament will consist of glock aim maps only (click here for an example). Win 2/3 matches against your opponent to advance to the next round.

Tournament Rules:

  • No cheating of any kind
  • No free killing (do not kill another player without a weapon)
  • Do not leave the area intended for aiming

Players must provide a screenshot of their full screen in a timely fashion if requested.


  • First place - 5,000 cred, 10 day LP, first choice of spinners
  • Second place - 3,000 cred, 7 day LP, second choice of spinners
  • Third place - 2,500 cred, 3 day LP, last spinner available
  • Fourth Place - 2,000 cred

Spinners for this tournament are Bubble, G.O.A.T and Ultraviolet.


Organization Structure:
WSF creator: Eminence
Tournament hosts: Codfish and Apple512881
Graphics specialist: Apple512881
Tournament committee: Codfish, Lexus, Apple512881 and Schallmeister

(Ajay) #3

/sign twistedmetal116

(☠) #4

//sign le0

(Lexus(17)) #6

/Sign ,nico


(donx074) #7

/sign Sin


(info) #8

/sign Recon

(Kincaid) #9

/sign Kincaid1

(who?) #10

/sign Fret

(Daniel Hartley) #11

I can’t get stick arena to load at all once the advertisement plays. Any advice?

(Nick) #12

You could try loading the webpage in a different web browser and/or using Project Helvian for Windows.

The link to the downloadable file is in the video description.


/Sign Rossignol

(Nick) #14

/sign Codfish

(Ice) #15

/sign ice

post 20 characters now

(Glory) #16

/sign Ash




(Que) #18

/Sign Cyclone

(Nick) #19


Tournament Results:
First place - Sin (5,000 cred, 10 day LP, Ultraviolet)
Second place - Ice (3,000 cred, 7 day LP, Bubble)
Third place - Eager (2,500 cred, 3 day LP, G.O.A.T)
Fourth place - Codfish (2,000 cred)

Successful tournament once again, hope everyone had fun!

(Schallmeister) #23

Please don’t sign up accounts you don’t own. More so accounts that don’t even exist.