Completed [6/24] WSF Last Stick Standing, LMS Tournament Sign-Ups (SA)

(Shane) #33

/sign Apple512881

(Shane) #35

Tournament is NFK

(Ikenai) #36

/Sign Ikenai

(Shane) #37

Unofficial Bracket –

2 Games A Map (Start @ 4:25, then restart when there is only 1 Stick Standing)
1 Winner for Each Game
[If in both Games, the same person wins, then the 2nd last stick alive in the 2nd Game will progress]

  • Depending on amount of people – as people advance – some matches will have 6 people
  • If you die 3 times, you’re out and become a spectator.
  • Running is allowed, but not recommended.
  • No getting damaged and re-joining, if you leave mid-way through, you’re out
  • No using Mod powers


No Stalling There will be people recording and if you are caught stalling without a weapon, you will DQ’d

(mack) #38



(Shane) #39

Final Bracket –


Ghost ///// Recon ///// BlackOps

1st - 5000 Cred, 10 day LP, First Choice of Spinners ---- Ash
2nd - 3000 Cred, 7 day LP, Second Choice of Spinners ---- Sin
3rd - 2500 Cred, 3 day LP, Last Spinner Available ---- Ava
4th - 2000 Cred ---- TwistedMetal

— With over 50 people in the Discord during the Tournament and over 30 people in the game, it was a successful Tournament once again.

Next PPV Event will be Melee Mayhem, nothing but Melee Weapons!
Time for a new Breed of Winners

(Shane) unlisted #42

(Schallmeister) listed #43