Completed [6/24] WSF Last Stick Standing, LMS Tournament Sign-Ups (SA)

(Shane) #1


There is going to be a LMS Tournament on Sunday (6/24) at 6:00 p.m. EST in Stick Arena Classic.

Tournament Rules

  • 4 people per game, start @ 4:25 – 2 rounds, 2 people will advance to next round
    (If same person wins both rounds – second to last alive in 2nd round, will advance as well)
  • Depending on amount of people – as people advance – some matches will have 6 people
  • If you die 3 times, you’re out and become a spectator.
  • Running is allowed, but not recommended.
  • “Safe area” in the map (center of map), where players spawn.

Required Tournament Client (Zeus) ---- (Updates will be provided next week)
If you cannot play on this program, you must ask a moderator for a special exception.

Zeus Tournament Client ---- (Updates will be provided next week)
Download Link: Temporary Client will be distributed to all registered participants at the time of the event
Created by Apple512881 (Assistant Moderator)
Apple512881’s Contacts: (Forums: @Apple512881 & Discord: Apple512881#9593)

Every player must provide a screenshot of their screens in a timely fashion
(Must be a full-screen screenshot) (
[1. Press prntscr then 2. Press ctrl + A]



Ghost ///// Recon ///// BlackOps

1st - 5000 Cred, 10 day LP, First Choice of Spinners
2nd - 3000 Cred, 7 day LP, Second Choice of Spinners
3rd - 2500 Cred, 3 day LP, Last Spinner Available
4th - 2000 Cred

Official Theme Song of Last Stick Standing

Organization Structure
WSF Creator: Eminence
Tournaments Host: Codfish
Tournament Client/Graphics Specialist: Apple512881
Tournament Committee: Eminence, Codfish, Lexus, Apple512881, Schallmeister

XGen Gaming Community:
User: Eminence#1289
“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but felt by the heart” #TouchinHearts

(Shane) #7

Last Stick Standing Announcement

Cameramen Wanted

If you record your matches in the Tournament and or other matches and play the Official Theme Music over it, and its Good. We will consider, rewarding you.

Videos that promote XGen, WSF, SA, will be heavily considered.

Official 2nd Theme Song of Last Stick Standing

Fozzy - Judas

Creating the Best Video
Compilation of the Tournament with cool effects and transitions and promotes XGen Studios in their video will be considered to obtain One of these spinners. We must all agree that your video is awesome!

Try to record as many matches and competitive chat in the Discord during the Tournament and turn it into a Compilation (Mash-up). – Promote XGen during or at the end of your video to be highly considered.

Video Team Capacity - 10 people
Top Contributors (Graphics Editor/Most Filmed Pro) - 2/3 Spinners
Contributors - 1/3 Spinners
You must contribute a decent amount and or have a part in video creation/production to receive a spinner.

(Optional) Everyone in the team can upload their own 10-30 min long Tournament video to their own respective Youtube channels and give the Video Team Captain their videos to make the compilation.
You are more likely to be deemed as a contributor if you do the above stated.

Best Cameraman Spinners


(Shane) #13


Last Stick Standing Announcement

Sign-ups are now opened

Powerman 5000 - Drop The BombShell


/Sign Capone

(Ajay) #15

/sign roadkill


/sign Schooler

(Shane) #18


Last Stick Standing Announcement

All Cameraman MUST play in the Tournament or they will not be rewarded.

(Ice) #19

/sign Ic3 Ava Ash Sin Ant

(Shane) #20

Make sure to Sign-Up,

Tournament is Sunday at 6 p.m.

(Ahmir M) #21

/sign Am150


/Sign Rossignol

(who?) #24

/sign fret

(Mint) #25

/sign Mint56


/sign motionlesskills

(Scadra) #27

/sign Malarky


/sign secrets

(Lizbona) #29

/sign lizbona

(Nick) #30

/sign Codfish

(Shane) #31


2 Games A Map (Start @ 4:25, then restart when there is only 1 Stick Standing)
1 Winner for Each Game
[If in both Games, the same person wins, then the 2nd last stick alive in the 2nd Game will progress]


Start - 1st Map – XGen HQ
Semi Finals - 2nd Map – Laser Tag
Finals - 3rd Map – Rigged

We will make the Bracket Manually and Post it here


/sign kills