[Completed 5/27] WSF Stickman Smackdown, 1v1 Tournament (SA)

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Stickman Smackdown Announcement

Cameramen Wanted

If you record your matches in the Tournament and or other matches and play Wrestling Theme Music over it, and its Good. We will consider, rewarding you.

Videos that promote XGen, WSF, SA, will be heavily considered.

Official Theme Song of Stickman Smackdown --.

Note – All Stick Arena Rules are to be followed during WSF Tournaments, just because they are not stated here, does not mean you should not follow them. (Glitching, Hacking, Lag-tricking, etc.)

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Zeus Link –https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/382527246277017602/447578387972620298/Zeus.exe

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https://challonge.com/stickman_smackdown Bracket

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That concludes Stickman Smackdown –

By far one of the largest Tournaments in recent Stick Arena History with over 20 participants. We had to turn down 8-10 people due to late Sign-Ups (Remember to Sign-Up in Advance!) Stick Arena Classic was overwhelming filled with people playing Stick Arena!

Thank you to everyone to whom played and everyone who showed up to the PPV Event!

Final Bracket –

The Next PPV Event is Raw Skills. Which is going to be a 2v2 Tournament, with more melee, less restrictions on Melee, and better rewards!

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