[Completed 5/27] WSF Stickman Smackdown, 1v1 Tournament (SA)

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Welcome to the World Stick Federation’s Stickman Smackdown!

There is going to be a 1v1 Tournament on Sunday May 27th at 6:00 p.m. (EST) in Stick Arena Classic.

Tournament Rules

  • No Free-Killing (Do not kill another player without a weapon)
  • No Hammer camping
  • No Melee-running to avoid a lost
  • No Stalling in order to waste time

Required Tournament Client (Zeus)
If you cannot play on this program, you must ask a moderator for a special exception.

Zeus Tournament Client
Download Link: Temporary Client will be distributed to all registered participants at the time of the event
Created by Apple512881 (Assistant Moderator)
Apple512881’s Contacts: (Forums: @Apple512881 & Discord: Apple512881#9593)

Every player must provide a screenshot of their screens in a timely fashion
(Must be a full-screen screenshot) (https://app.prntscr.com/en/index.html)
[1. Press prntscr then 2. Press ctrl + A]


1st - 4000 Cred, 7 day LP, First Choice of Spinners
2nd - 2500 Cred, 5 day LP, Second Choice of Spinners
3rd - 1500 Cred, 3 day LP, Last Spinner Available
4th - 1000 Cred




Tournament Bracket - https://challonge.com/stickman_smackdown

To Sign up: Please say your name below

Best of luck to everyone!

Official Theme Song of Stickman Smackdown

Drowning Pool - Rise Up

Organization Structure
WSF Creator: Eminence
Tournaments Host: Codfish
Tournament Client/Graphics Specialist: Apple512881
Tournament Committee: Eminence, Codfish, Lexus, Apple512881, Schallmeister

XGen Gaming Community: discord.gg/A528cMf
User: Eminence#1289
“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but felt by the heart” #TouchinHearts

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WSF Tournament Prize Spinners have been added to the Sign-Up Post, Scroll Up.

What time is good for you, for this PPV Event:

  • Saturday at 6 pm (EST)
  • Saturday at 5 pm (EST)
  • Saturday at 4 pm (EST)
  • Saturday at 3 pm (EST)
  • Sunday at 6 pm (EST)

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/Sign Apple512881, can’t wait! :smile:

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PPV Event Tournament Time Change

Sunday, May 27, 6:00 p.m.

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Stickman Smackdown Tournament Maps

Round 1 - XGen HQ
Round 2 - Extract (Eminence, Map Slot 1)
Semi-Finals - Box City (Eminence, Map Slot 2)
Finals - Dark Aim (Eminence, Map Slot 3), No Black/Assassin Spinners Allowed on this Map

Bracket Link - (Not Official Match-Ups): https://challonge.com/stickman_smackdown

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/sign Ice & Sin & Ash & Ava

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Stickman Smackdown Announcement

Grace Period
You will have 10 minutes to play your match, or you will forfeit.

Melee Weapons
Yes – you can use them, just no swords running or hammer camping

Swords Running: Running away from your opponent with the Katana in order to not lose the game
Hammer Camping: Staying in the same spot after you killed them once, you must move from that “area

  • Area” – Move away from the proximity of where you killed them originally, if you abuse – you lose.