Brand New XGen Community!

(Mike) #42

“Art stuff” is the best job description ever.


Great choice in using Discourse, I honestly love it. Will take some time getting used to though.

But Flarum will always be better. :rage:

(Scott) #44

Flarum looked cool too. Nice and clean. But so far I don’t think I have any complaints about Discourse.


vBulletin 11/10 always and forever

(Chris) #47

Like this?

Click path: Hamburger/menu icon in top right -> Users

Pretty sure you can view that page, I just logged out and was able to do so.


This looks really good! Nice to see that the community is still here!

(Scott) #51

The 20 character limit has now been dropped to 10.

If replies are shorter than 10 characters then it might not be worth a reply… remember there’s a “like” button now too, so you have other options.

(Lovable) #53

i was waiting for you to join! Its not the xgen forums without stickdude! Glad you joined. :slight_smile:

(JMez) #54

I went about a month wondering where everything went.

Glad to have found the hub though!

~to a fresh start

(jason) #55

Welp, I popped on a month or so ago to check in on everyone in the Elites club. Saw that the forum was down and started checking weekly.

Well, if you guys release Cinderfall I’ll call it even.

I hope this help you guys continue to grow as a company though! It’s been great seeing you guys build up over the years.

(Scott) #56

Thanks for the words of encouragement Jason!

(Metrø ßoomin) #57

Not to be Rude or anything, but does this discourse Forums stuff even matter? Or will the community still be ignored?


You should make there an option to make the screen bright or dark. Other than that it’s a pretty unique forum Xgen Studios got going on here, in my opinion.

(Schallmeister) #62

The Low Road releases tomorrow. They’re busy. Hopefully some light will be shed afterwards.

(Scott) #64

Hey all, we’re not ignoring you—just very busy! We’ll do our best to address anything that has clearly defined action steps from the mods. Hope everyone is well and wish us luck on the release of The Low Road! It’s going to be a busy few days!!! AHH!


Good luck Scott!

(Sacred) #66

Glad to see more positive interaction with the community than before. GL with The Low Road, can’t wait to play it

(Metrø ßoomin) #68

Congratulations on launch, once again. I just really want to see the Stick Arena community get more attention. You know? Goodluck on the future scott!:clap::clap:


Glad to see the forums are back up.

(Cody Han) #71

This is pretty cool. I might check back every once in a while. Hope we can get the elites thing set up again, that was the reason I kept going back to the old forum once in a while.

Love the markdown enabled post form and the preview window.