Brand New XGen Community!

(Scott) #21

We’re still seeing if it’s possible for us to put the old forum up somewhere in a “read only” state. But as for this forum I think this is the fresh start we need. Hopefully the layout of Discourse encourages communication between new and old members because we don’t want it to become some kind of exclusive cool kids only club.


Welcome to Krux, Miami & Blixinator!

Glad to see familiar faces!


This is an interesting shift from the forums we all knew and loved, but with the ever so changing media platform I feel this was necessary. The original forum will always be remembered, although it was becoming quite dated. I’m hoping it becomes archived for future viewing. It would be a shame for that piece of XGen history to become forgotten. I’m hoping this new change will be for the better (looks great on mobile as I’m typing this) and I look forward to new games on a variety of platforms (PS4 and Mac support, please?) :slight_smile:

I’m also hopeful XGen will continue to grow and push new games to generate more fans. Stick Arena was the one hit wonder of the past decade but it’s not over for XGen yet. I’ll be keeping an eye out for any future releases and will utilize the new forum whenever I can.

All the best,

  • Zach.

(AngryNinny) #24

I also really hope the old forums gets archived. I think the Boxhead “Official Records Database” thread, which was updated with new records for highest K/D, most kills, etc., made things really competitive. Players (myself included) were always trying to get new entries in that thread, which I think helped keep people interested in the game.

(Scott) #25

The Low Road will be available for Mac!

(Schallmeister) #26

Yay! I still haven’t played SML yet from watching you guys livestream it on Twitch a while back because it’s not Mac compatible :frowning:

(Blixinator) #27

I suppose that the elites did start as a “cool kids club”, but in the end it was a great way to catch up with some of my oldest internet friends and find out what’s going on in their lives. The majority of us are in our mid-to-late 20’s. We have entered the workforce and we would talk about our jobs, or what we hoped to do once we got out of college, or just what we were doing in life. And to be honest, that was literally the only thing that a lot of them visited the forums for.

A lot of us are friends on facebook, but at the same time a lot of us don’t even use facebook anymore. And facebook doesn’t provide the same platform for us to simply send a message or two every couple of months all in one spot.

I recognize that the old forums definitely had stagnant subforums and that this may be a new format that would reduce that, but I’m sad that my line of communication to these people I’ve known half of my life has been severed.

(Scott) #28

Thanks for sharing your experience Blixinator. I suppose it was a bit naive of me to call it a cool kids club, but there did seem to be a divide and I think that stems from the fact that XGen has been around so long so there is quite a bit of a gap in age. Hopefully this format will give you guys a space to stay in touch somehow. Once we roll out the forum to most people, I’m sure this space will evolve with how it’s being used—It’s something I’m looking forward to, actually.

(Schallmeister) #29

I’m glad to see you here, Blix. I was planning on reaching out to one or several of the older bunch once this goes live.

I saved several of the older guys’ profile information from the old forum while the whole account theft was going on just it case they became targets in getting stolen so I could restore the information. I have Denacioust’s email on my phone, so I can try to send him one now. Once this goes live I’ll try sending one out to the others I have saved on my Mac at home, unless invitations won’t be a thing when this goes live.


(Scott) #30

Thanks Schall, You can go ahead and do another round of invites as soon as you’d like. Looks like things are pretty stable over here at the moment and we could use 20 or so more people. The plan is to launch this thing sometime next week. at that point invites wont be necessary, but it will be nice to have more old forum regulars on here to test things out.

(Schallmeister) #31

I’ll hop on that as soon as I get home.

And Denacioust just accepted the invite, so he should be rolling in soon.


I’m goona shoot Marty an invite, I know he would love to check this out.


Interesting new platform guys

(ajwhittaker1417) #35

I’m cool with this platform. Glad to see some of the homies are in here as well @Kendry @Greg @Krux @Schallmeister @Luis.

I agree w/ Greg though, admin interaction is definitely a must but glad to see you on the frontlines, Scott!

Thanks again for the invite.

(Scott) #36

Yep! I’ll be around!

(ajwhittaker1417) #37

Out of curiosity, who’s on the team now at XGen? Are David, Jordan, and (maybe) Robyn still involved?


Yeah they’re still involved.
Great to see you man! :nerd_face:

(Mike) #39

This is a crazy high tech message board. Remember when forums only had a “new topic” or “reply” button? Simpler times.

(denacioust) #40

So, how long before we get XCash here?

I want to add an orange glow around my username.

(Scott) #41


Here’s what the team looks like for The Low Road:

Kaelyn - Producer / Owner of XGen
Jed - Programmer
Leif - Writer
Eric - Music & Sound
Robyn - Animation & Technical Art
Logan - Animation
Jordan - Director of Operations
David - Quality Assurance

And I do art stuff.

The Low Road - Lighting Effects and Camera Movement