Boxheads Future

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Even though i don’t play this game AT all maybe ever 2 years i check on it, I just seem to notice over the years how bad its gotten. How its went from an active player base, to players playing very competitively every single day every single hour. Lobby’s were getting full quick, people were begging to get into wanted games cause they weren’t able to reach the achievement of getting the red name every noob desired. Nowadays we struggle to get lobby’s with 10 players unless its a Saturday or Sunday. The games dying and we all know it, UNLESS YOU XGEN STAND UP INVEST INTO YOUR GAME THAT SUCCEEDED AND WILL SUCCEED IF YOU PUT MORE TIME AND EFFORT INTO THE GAME. BE HONEST I KNOW ALL YOU BOUNTY HUNTERS WANT YOUR GAME BACK TO THE OLD WAY IT WAS!


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but that’s not how it works

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wym thats not how it works?
Its so simple unless XGen is Broke and they can’t promote themself but he right and its that not how it work… then you make it work because im tired of the dead lobbies as well and i wanna see boxhead come back to life!



Box has survives this long because of the strong player base. Everyone knows that there is not going to be any money going in to it, but people still play (and have played for years) because it is a well made game that has always been good.


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People were asking for updates etc. since 2010. XGen hasn’t put any real effort into the game since it was launched. They made new games instead. But there’s nothing to be gained by investing money in it at this point. Besides, they did start resetting the wanted list monthly to gain a small increase in its popularity.

It’s funny how you say that the game is dead now of all times. In 2012, we thought the same thing already. And in 2015, it was getting difficult to find enough players to play with. I haven’t been able to play properly for years because there’s something in the game that makes it lag real bad no matter what I do. In a way, boxhead has been dead for a long time now. It’s an old game, no new players are going to find it that enjoyable. What is there to be gained? If you want bbh to be like it used to be, it’d be better for you to invent a time machine and go back yourself.

is what I’m saying


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Shift u just lag cos u have crappy internet and live in the arse end of nowhere.



2k xD where you been

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I’ve been playing on Arctic this whole time