Boxhead's Best 2 (?)

(Wolf) #1

In light of the reset and the vastly increased activity on BBH, N3rd and I were thinking of re-hosting Boxhead’s Best, an event exclusive only to the greatest of this generation’s players. This is not official yet, so we need your guys’ feedback. What should we do differently? What do you want to see happen this time around?

In the meantime, N3rd and I (BrunelloCuccinelli) will be keeping an eye out for any talented players so make sure to give it your best!


not again

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(Ddmasterkiller) #3

who is bekfistboy anyway


He’s Wolf aka BrunelloCuccinelli.

We are already in the process of shortlisting players, if you happen to be interested. So for now, play your ultimate best in games and prove you have what it takes to be part of Boxhead’s Best 2017 Edition, if it actually happens.

(Master Oogway) #6

N3rd and Wazz