Boxhead Weekly Events

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Dear Boxheads,

Time to bring some fresh events to BBH!

  1. Every 2 weeks there will be a little Boxhead playday on Saturday starting at 3PM EST. During this event, the hosts will give out a predetermined amount of XCash (± 300 per playday) to the winners of 1v1s, 2v2s, trivia questions (not always Boxhead related), public games and some special things. The first playday will be on July 20th starting exceptionally at 4:30 PM EST.

***2. Every 2 weeks there will be a 2v2/1v1-day (credits to @AutomaticReload for the idea) . This event gives the players a lot of freedom to play versus whoever they want, teaming with whoever they want. There are however some rules attached to it to make it fair for everyone: ***

***2v2-day: ***
- You can’t play 2 matches in a row with the same teammate (best-of-3 matches form an exception).
- You can’t play more than 5 matches with the same teammate (all the best-of-3 matches will be counted).
- 10 XCash to every player when a team wins a game.
- The team of the player with the highest amount of collected money, wins.

- You can’t play more than 5 matches against the same opponent.
- 10 XCash per win.
- The player with the highest amount of kills wins.

***Other rules are for the players to be made up. ***

In case of discussion about the winner of a game, you will be asked for screenshots of the end results of the game. If this can’t be provided, no XCash will be rewarded.

Both of these events will take 2 hours, starting on Saturdays at 2PM EST and ending at 4PM EST.
The first 2v2-day will be held on August 3rd.
The first 1v1-day will be held on August 10th.
The idea above is cancelled and will be replaced by normal 2v2/1v1 tournaments.

Now and then, there will still be tournaments or bigger playdays organized. These will then replace the usual Saturday event.

Hope you have fun,
~Boxhead Moderation Team.


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So for 2v2’s, the team with the player who collects the most money wins, correct?

EDIT: included in the post!


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I’d like to get your thoughts on the following statement:

Should we allow Premiums for these events:

  • Yes
  • No

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There will be no premiums allowed during the weekly events as 12 people voted No and 4 people voted Yes.

A user who is seen using any advantageous Premiums (Shoes, Armor, Wallet, Radar, …) during an event, will not be able to receive any XCash from that event, and will suffer a 16 hour ban.

Since I didn’t mention this earlier: of course hacking is not allowed (permaban).