Boxhead’s Newest Moderators

(Schall) #1

Hello everyone.

I would like to announce the newest moderators for Boxhead Bounty Hunter:


Congratulations guys! And welcome to the team!




Thanks mate!

Glad to be on the team.

(Lexus(17)) #4

Congratulations on newest BBH moderators.


Congrats guys! Really exciting to see familiar faces moderating the game, with active recruits its safe to say BBH is progressing towards the right path! :grin:


Thank you everyone

(jøeL) #7

Congrats, well deserved.


Congratulations guys! I know all 3 of you are going to do great!

I wish I could’ve moderated with you but sadly that can’t happen : (

If you need any help in any form, including the BBH in-game ban fix or the BBH mod client. I still have those and they will be beneficial in your endeavours, so just give me a shout.

+1 to any of you who can figure out how to do the blue lobby text glitch :rofl:


You have to teach me that.


Haha, you must find out by yourself.

(Played BBH and Sucked Dick at it, like me) #12

its time to ban angrye

(Chris.kamara) #13

Thx xgen for ower new mods wishing them the best as a mod let ther be a hacker free zoom

(Kaelyn) #14

(Shane) #15

Sorry, That I’m little late to the party. But Congratulations! You guys are going to do amazing! BBH will strive for many more years to come. :smiley:

(Others call me Tqiy ) #16

Don’t mess up and im pointing fingers at you @RedMist congrats everyone.

(Wolf) #17

Thanks for having us on the team! Can’t wait to help out!

(ericsoon) #18

Dronetest will be at your service 28 hours of the day.

(Jiren The Gray) #19

Congrats :+1:

(Jairo) #33

Thanks everyone, glad to be a part of the team <3


Congrats guys :grinning: