Boxhead Problems

(Ṩสdboץs) #1

Haven’t been able to log on boxhead since yesterday, im only able to play quickplays… what’s going on ?

(Lexus(17)) #2

Hi. I couldn’t log in to any servers, expect "The Block (Europe.) If you don’t believe here’s a proof .

I don’t know what happened, but i think that current situation won’t keep on to long. :slight_smile:

(Matthew) #3

Finally someone made a thread about this lmao. People barely even try to login to other servers, Once they see that squares is down they ignore other servers, pretty sad.

(Ṩสdboץs) #4

I logged on the block (Europe) but it was dead so i decided to let people know that the other servers are down. @77BatMisanthrope

(Matthew) #5

Thank you for doing so Mr Snipz :slight_smile:

(Ajay) #6

Hopefully this problem is fixed asap. I’m looking forward to play some BBH with my BBH buddies.

(Schallmeister) #7

I let Jordan know what’s up a few hours ago. Hopefully this will get resolved tomorrow.

Sorry guys!

(EvilDrone) #8

I’m on right now and there’s no one on :sleepy::disappointed:

(Ṩสdboץs) #9

im omw say no more (:wink:

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #10

just letting you know that the problem has been fixed, squares is working again now

(Schallmeister) closed #12