Boxhead Playday 12/23 (Completed)

(Wolf) #1

Hey guys,

Thanks for being patient. BBH will be having it’s playday on December. 23, which is a saturday, and it will be starting at approximately 11:00 am MST. If you’re not sure when that is for your location, use this time zone converter to check.

Drone, Red, N3rd, Shawn and I will be running various different activities/challenges, from which you may have the chance of winning small amounts of xcash. These activities may include 1v1s, 2v2s, trivia, ‘‘wanted games,’’ etc. So be sure to come by and participate!


Equment Games: 75 XCash (1st Place)
1v1’s: 50 XCash (Winner)
2v2’s & 3v3’s: 25 XCash (Winners)
Trivia: 5-15 XCash (for the correct answers)
Wanted Games: 50 XCash (1st), 30 XCash (2nd), 20 XCash (3rd)

Hope to see you there,



(James) #32

Thanks for everyone that participated during the Boxhead Winter Playday 2017.

Here are the XCash Winners:

RedMist: 26 XCash
B44b: 130 XCash
BrunelloCuccienelli: 180 XCash
Boxerella: 30 XCash
Champ24j: 280 XCash
2k10adder: 102 XCash
N3rdl3r0y: 140 XCash
MadeYouReadIt: 25 XCash
KobyMyHomie: 75 XCash
Semionem: 95 XCash
TagPro: 50 XCash
XSHiFTx: 257 XCash
TheHolyChicken: 40 XCash
Wazzasski: 320 XCash
77bat00: 10 XCash
Iltis: 20 XCash
Beasty616: 5 XCash
LotusWarrior: 15 XCash
SUP4RM4N: 25 XCash
Reventon: 25 XCash
XTerminixX: 90 XCash
Umarmust: 40 XCash
WantedSK1LL: 25 XCash
Slimshadykiid: 20 XCash

You all will be receiving your XCash soon.

Have a wonderful X-MAS,

(James) #33

A few people have been worried about their XCash prize from the Boxhead Playday . Please, be patient, the XCash prize will be there once one of the XGen Employees has looked into one of their messages regarding the XCash Winners.

(Schall) #34

All Boxhead prizes for the play day have been given out. Thank you for participating! Hope guys had fun.