Boxhead ~ circa 2019

(AngryNinny) #23

Joined in April 2010 as AngryNegro. Never took more than 2-3 months away from the game until very recently (~October-November 2017).

The only alts I really played on were Sheneequa and Omnes (have people figured out everybody that was on Omnes yet?).

Modded some time in 2014?? Name change to AngryNinny. As far as I know, Viper has the account called AngryNegro. De-modded after one or two or three years due to inactivity.

Will forever be the only Boxhead to reach 1 million beeps.

(Jiren The Gray) #25

Joined 2016 of December.

Been playing for a year+

Played as 808Blah for sometime in 2017

Currently as Mr.Neeggie

(Luca) #26

Alright, don’t be a douche man. The 2007 thing was a troll, I was literally 12 at the time. Have none of you realized how young I was?

I didn’t know any better. And yes, I’m back.
No I didn’t hack, that video that Mooi has of me was Aterest. I’m 16 years old as of now and I’m still sticking to that story. What else do I need to prove to you that the hacking wasn’t me man like dude, I don’t know the first thing to hacking but Hmk.

And I’m pretty sure at the time Timbo was the one on Ate so that explains why. Brunello filled me in a bit.

Now as to this thread: I joined around late 2011 to early 2012? On an account named Ninjaku14, and I had an alt named ShikamaruNinja. I’ve lost the passwords to both of them, and I got really mad as I was only around 10 at that time?

So I picked up the game back in 2013 and entered on a slew of alts, until finally I made SenatorKingsly. I was really slow, pretty bad, and never gave a ■■■■ about being wanted. I simply enjoyed the game with Bella, Seismic, Viper, And other friends. SenatorKingsly was lost due to Timbo (I’m pretty sure, as idk the pass anymore but I’d love to get the acc back) and I quit in 2015. Made a post about it in the old X-Gen forums.

2018, September. I join back and see the new forums. BBH reset? Holy ■■■■ I was late. So I play in season 10, on an account named Vulgarr. My alts being Girei, XxSantana, XxKyubii, and TheRenegadeMaster.

That is all, have a nice day.


(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #27

,Black.Ice., - late 2011, definitely not 2010

Ninjaku14 - most likely sometime in 2012, I actually have an account that I made the same day as you made this account, but I didn’t play on it immediately so I can’t know the date more accurately.

SenatorKingsly - early 2013

(if you’re interested)

(Luca) #28

My dude how did you even know that? But yeah you’re right, it matches up with the years I said lol. 2012 Ninjaku, 2013 Senator, but even tho I was pretty ■■■■ on Senator the amount of improvement for that year was massive af. But anyways, thanks shift.

And uh shift, I gotta pm you something important.

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #29

knowing which user id numbers ( match which year lets you deduce when a certain account was created

(Luca) #31

I see, thanks for the link man.

(Sacred) #33

ooo revival of this thread lets see what the old memory can dig up

Started with thejesusmaster and XAERO, jesus I lost at like 40k XAERO at 50k

moved on with my life made a bunch of alts dont really remember many of them except Thy.Person

Made SacredSong, lost sacredsong at 30k. Some chump gave me ChijounoHoshi which was also at 30k and i grinded the ■■■■ outta it. Name changed it to Scourge and then lowkey I have no clue what happened with this one I think i gave it to killa and forgot about it.

Made SacredHoshi next which would eventually become my wanted account. I dont remember the exact path that lead to wanted in terms of name changing etc but after obliterating the competition I ended up as the only wanted with above a 200 bpr, a winrate of .53 and a 1.36 kd.

Other notable things I did

Not knowing that they were his accounts I stole like 30 accounts from the SA henry dude (they got returned after i had a chit chat with him)

Name changed HSV88 to Arkham using the blast arena exploit

Stole like 20 other OG accounts like Elmago and Al1ceInChains and rijairo87 and poach which I gave to drone

Made accounts that I used for boxhead records like Despise Chandelier etc highest kd I think I dropped was a 58 kd on temple with despise

At one point had access to 15+ wanted accounts compliments of nooga which I shared between a few people including killa and moodavid. Accounts I had access to ranged from aceyama to sr banana to hsv88.

used like 5 wanted accounts that kendry had at the time, I really dont remember all of them but I know that bee was one and then his main accounts that he used

another account I really liked and I forgot who gave it to me from SA was faith so whoever that was thanks again

Despite our differences JesusOlives gave me his account and I used that for quite some time during summer of 16? to get my main account into wanted games

oh and I also got SacredSong back thanks to EFK like 5 years after I had initially lost it so that was cool

(Luca) #34

Dude… I was literally best friends with the old ChijounoHoshi. Now I realize why you treated me like fuck1ng dogshit, you weren’t the original. And then you put the hoshi part and merged it with sacred for a new account, which is a smart idea respecc man.

Now let’s talk about some notable accounts I’ve gotten access to:

Swagrob24 - Not exactly notable, it just had a few K on it and Senator never got to the amount of bps Swagrob did so. Any acc I’ve had access to that’s had more bps than Senator, is notable in my book just saying.
ButterCup - To be honest, the guy that gave me this was “ButterCup” but idk his main or anything.
Sexystar - Sexystar gave it to me, then after getting over 50K for him he got on his period and took it back WITHOUT WARNING. I hate him so much lmfao.
XxBAMBODAVIDxX - Got 5K in a day on this when Nooga banned all of the wanted accounts. Then Bambo took it back.
Galan05 - Who the ■■■■ was this guy and why’d he give me the account? I literally forgot the pass to it the next day LMFAO.
Skatepunk33 - I don’t really remember.
Rey280 - I don’t really remember.
Vigoarr - I don’t really remember.
Burn - I don’t really remember.
Kel279 - AutomaticReload gave this to Chicken, Chicken gave it to me, then he got on his period and took it back.

There’s one after Kel, I just can’t remember the name of it…

K, that’s it.

(The Neon Transformer) #36

I started BBH at June 2018. My accounts are…

  • NeoKite
  • Block60
  • Neeooo