Boxhead ~ circa 2018

(AngryNinny) #23

Joined in April 2010 as AngryNegro. Never took more than 2-3 months away from the game until very recently (~October-November 2017).

The only alts I really played on were Sheneequa and Omnes (have people figured out everybody that was on Omnes yet?).

Modded some time in 2014?? Name change to AngryNinny. As far as I know, Viper has the account called AngryNegro. De-modded after one or two or three years due to inactivity.

Will forever be the only Boxhead to reach 1 million beeps.

(Jiren The Gray) #25

Joined 2016 of December.

Been playing for a year+

Played as 808Blah for sometime in 2017

Currently as Mr.Neeggie