Boxhead Bounty Hunter Bug

(jøeL) #1

Hi everyone,

So as you know, there is a bug that has been majorly disturbing for a long time now and it needs to be fixed. I noticed a message glitch in lobby (when you have to spam the same message twice, maybe even thrice for the message to be delivered). I have came up with a solution to this as I was digging through the games source. I would assume you guys are interested in a fix. Please let me know what you guys think, and I will contact a mod/admin on how to fix this.

(Ddmasterkiller) #2

It is not that much of a problem, but yea it causes the lobby to look very messy.

I support the idea


There are so many bugs inside of Boxhead such as (the first minute health glitch, when you suddenly stop taking damage but when you respawn with green health it only takes one shotgun bullet to kill you), the message glitch in lobby (when you have to spam the same message twice, maybe even thrice for the message to be delievered)
and there’s this glitch that I think most boxhead players noticed and it’s how the character changes the outfit alone (head and body) and the most common and annoying one, the disconnection glitch.(when you join a game then keep disconnecting from the game over and over again)
These are the most important ones and they’re all unlikely to be fixed. But try your best and hopefully everything goes well.

Good luck!

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #4

All of the bugs/glitches mentioned have been part of boxhead since the very beginning, they’re not something to get fixed after 7 years when the game is on the brink of death. This is useless.

by the way, my record for the messages disappering in the lobby glitch thing is 4 disappeared messages in a row

(jøeL) #5

Sorry, I can’t fix some things as some of them are server-sided issues and requires an admins attention. But the message glitch I can fix for sure.

(Ddmasterkiller) #6

This is just like saying that new BBH mods aren’t needed because it’s 2017 and hackers are welcome

(Chris) #7

We are currently still unsure if it will be feasible to update the Flash Game clients.

By that, I mean for XGen to do so. If you have found a way to fix it on your own, that’s great, and maybe that information can help the developers should they decide it is feasible to make changes. That said, I know that they would not accept a patched SWF from a user and upload it to the site.

We’ll see how things turn out as the conversation on modifying these old clients goes on, and if help is needed the developers will make that call and reach out.

(Chris) #8