Boxhead Bounty Hunter 1V1 Tournament

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Good Day Fellow Boxheads,

It has been a while, but now, the Boxhead Moderator Team will be organizing a 1v1 Tournament. The event will take place on the 9th of March at 2PM MST. There will be a 10 minute grace period. If you don’t make it before the end of the grace period, you will not be participating in the tournament.


  • In order to win a match, you will have to win once against your opponent.
  • There will be a Bronze Match.
  • No losers bracket.
  • The brackets will be made up randomly.
  • If there happens to be a tie, there will be a rematch.
  • Every game will be played on Hedge Maze.

To sign up, you must type the username of the account you will be playing on, as a reply to this thread. The maximum amount of sign-ups is set at 16.


  • The person with the highest amount of kills wins.
  • No running from the other player when being in the lead.
  • Share the money equally between both the players when dying at the same time.
  • You can use all the guns you want, but the use of equipment is not allowed.
  • No hacking allowed (consequence: a permanent ban on your account)
  • No glitching allowed
  • A round will end at 10 seconds (please make sure to screenshot the final results as proof)
  • No premiums allowed.

There will always be a person controlling every game. Since we have 2 officials, that means that the games will be played in pairs of 2. We will be creating the games for you, so that everyone knows exactly when to play.
If we catch a rulebreaker, they will instantly be disqualified from the tournament and will not receive any XCash awards.
When caught hacking, your account will be permanently banned as mentionned above.


Winner: 400 XCash
Runner-up: 200 XCash
Third Place: 100 XCash

Hope to see a lot of you there!
The Boxhead Moderator Team

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/sign Reventon


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I’m in!!
/sign Nikki11799

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/sign Codfish

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/sign Mannyken

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/sign Zack

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/sign .ap3x.


/sign Schooler

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/sign Nazi

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/sign champ24j he


I’ll try to make it but I can only play on Krux’s “Official BBH Client” which I don’t have on my computer anymore. If someone can send it to me I’ll be able to play :slight_smile:
/sign viperimazza

Hedge maze?
When will the bracket be announced?
“No glitching allowed?” As in not shooting through trees in hedge? Why not?

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Brackets will be announced right before the tournament and shooting through the trees is totally fine for me.
Every game will be played on Hedge Maze which I added to the thread.

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/sign shift
but have a sub for me

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/sign LeThanos

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