Best BBH Season 8 players


How is it even possible that for you it was champ and pwnedidiot when you ranked ghostrobot 1st, champ 4th and pwnedidiot 6th? or is the list not in order?

And I can’t even see Brunello’s name even though he’s flushing games week in and week out.

I can’t even :frowning:


Wolf wasn’t very active this season, otherwise he would be by far my #1

(IxteamxIBBH) #24

this season ok


What do you mean low to high Chicken? Noob to Pro? idk


On the leadeboard I meant. You aren’t noob :hushed:


I see. I was noob before but I overtook all my mentors skill levels except Champ, Reventon, Chicken and Zhancie.

(Shane) #28

Hope you Bounty Hunters are ready for Season 10,

Season 9 concludes on the 31st of this month!!

Buy those shoes (for non-BBH players, yes they have shoes in this game, I’m not talking about real shoes :joy:) and get those Bounty Points!

Remember to look out for your guy’s rewards!


Been wearing socks since Season 1 :c

(IxteamxIBBH) #30

i barely play lol


In all honesty, I’m probably the best BoxHead player ever. By a huge margin.


The real GOAT.
N3rd, Kia or whoever else that’s good at BBH, doesn’t even stand a chance against you :wink:


That doesn’t matter


I am the best season 10 player by far.

(Played BBH and Sucked Dick at it, like me) #35

can i be on the list c:


How could I possibly refuse :blush:


Same bro lol