Best BBH Moments

(Ddmasterkiller) #1

Post the best times you’ve had while playing this game
You can use screenshots,videos etc. Anything to show
your best times on BBH.


(Sacred) #3

Whenever picking mods came around and only one out of however many was actually a good addition to the team

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(Randy Mora) #5

I only played this game a couple of times, I never got used to the controls :frowning:

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( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #6

Bring this back to life.

When we used to call YSKSHAWN ysk stupid fat lol.


(Cнιcĸeɴ) #7

Good old 2017, the year before the reset, when auto, me, rev, speedy, bella, atmos, dd and angrye were pretty much the only ones playing actively. The game got taken over by Spanish speaking people and most of them were hacking as well, since they didn’t have to worry about active mods…
Glad things changed now!


(Cнιcĸeɴ) #8

Another fun moment was when I beat Michael134 by 100k as a gunwalking noob…
It happened on Rubix and after that he kept flaming at me for more than 1 hour, stalking me in games as well.

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( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #9

Drone thought i was using aimbot lmaooo (2015)

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The Boxhead beta was really fun. We got to play with XGen employees such as Danny. This was also when the tactics of the game were being discovered. Miami54 pioneered the art of poaching. The #1 most wanted for most of the beta period was YoungSkeezey, who founded a clan called Elite Beta Testers. This clan included some of the most renowned BBH players from the beta period, such as SomeRandomDude, Frigz, and myself. By pure chance, I appeared in the how to play screenshot for BBH, a fact I wouldn’t be made aware of until several years after I had stopped playing. Because I was in this screenshot, I was recognized as a Boxhead legend whenever I logged into the game, such as in this screenshot from 2016:


(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #11

How long did beta period last?

just overall, the times when you could log on at any given time to find a full lobby and several big games were the best moments, looking back
also meent <3 and sskiller1 igotdaswag rorikon neshie 2k10 actkiller arsch17 and others



Hmm, it’s been almost 10 years… I think it lasted a month or two? Most of the beta players played a couple months after release, but then pretty much all of us went back to playing SA and BBH developed its own community :slight_smile:



When you joined the lobby and had to scroll a lot to see all the games. Used to use the “join random” button too because there were so many games. Good times.


( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #14

My first boxhead video lol very nostalgic. Music starts like 24 seconds in.

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Hmm when all of us were in the BBH lobby watching the Champions league finals together and the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match. If the stream went down one of us would find a link that works straight away xD


( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #16

When making private wanted games. Wanteds would leave the games if a non was caught in the game. lmaoo good times.



Being the only non in a private game because u got the clout c:


  • When the reset first happened and we’d all spam every BBH player we had on social media with messages to get on

  • When a new upcoming wanted was one game away from making the top 100 list, so we’d host a wanted game and give them a free flush for YouTube :’)



When aurora absolutely destroyed me in a shady game with his shotgun key. He put the clip in the dream team promotional video. .-. it was all edited and sexy i was so humbled

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When I won almost everything :joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: