BBH ! Thanks Staff!


Oh ok thanks for the information.

(Master Oogway) #69

So it’s not too November 1st? and im like 36 on the leaderboard.

(Schall) #70

It should be till November 30th.

When will the tournament end?
(Master Oogway) #71

@Schallmeister everyone tryna get this xcash fast it should November 1st tbh i know im not the only one who gonna be using shoes lol

(Schall) #72

I didn’t make the rules.


Lol I honestly don’t even understand the point. :weary:

(Others call me Tqiy ) #78

Yall extra for no reason lmao.

(Jairo) #79

well we all know nobodys gonna win the grand prize

(Others call me Tqiy ) #80 the day schallmeister went savage.

(Schall) #81

The day you get banned even longer for ban evading.

Edit: Actually, I’ll lower it.

(Others call me Tqiy ) #82

What have i done im just saying you savage.

(UnknownKiller) #83

Honestly, when will servers be up…

(Schall) #84

I don’t know. I’ve seen one of the devs on multiple times over the last couple days though.

(UnknownKiller) #85

so when the servers are back up would you inform us by posting a new thread in the bbh forums section?

(Master Oogway) #88

servers are back up.

(CrAzyXLeGenD) #89

if someone kept ddosing the servers its probably the end of bbh.

(Master Oogway) #90

The future is now old man. -pulls server plug-