BBH ! Thanks Staff!


The real question here is how it took you 6 years to get wanted, what were you doing during those 6 years?


Getting scammed and hacked by the best hacks, and I meant 5.

(Schall) #48

I see how the reset was good for BBH, but on the flip side it wasn’t that great for SA. I’m sure most of you have seen others’ opinions about it on here though. There’s good and bad.

As for the reset every three months, I’m not sure if that includes BBH. Maybe @Scott can clear that up.


What do you mean by “I don’t think the 3 month reset applies for BBH”

(Sacred) #50

BBH is the superior game

and yes i think that the 3 month reset should also apply to BBH, otherwise we eventually end up with the same issue

(OOF) #51

Please don’t start this argument over what game is better

(Jairo) #52

To be honest, a stat reset every 3 month isn’t that great for both games, all the game needed was a fresh restart. I thought only the highscores would reset every 3 months which wasn’t a bad idea. I’m still pretty confused about whats happening now.

Can any of the moderators please put a clear explanation about whats happening because i only see people twisting the topic and opinions.

(Scott) #53

The season’s high score resets are meant for both games every 3 months. We may have a few changes to make between now and the end of the first season, so hang tight and bare with us. It’s nice to see a lot of discussion about this though, we’re taking some notes.


I think resetting the high score every 3 months is the best course of action for BBH, I can’t speak for SA since I’m not accustomed with the game. However, resetting the game every 3 months will ensure that we will never have an inactive wanted list ever again and for this reason alone I fully support the idea.


Resetting stats is going to get annoying, how about every season you reset the high scores?

Let’s say drone ends up with 119083 by the end of the season: DO NOT reset the stats or bp, just start a new season and accumulate the stats from that season. For instance, Drone got 81k in season 2. This leaves him with 200083 bp.

This was kind of hard to explain but I’m sure y’all know what I’m trying to say.

(Schall) #56

I feel like whoever is in first at the end of the first season will continue to be first every season past that if everything wasn’t reset. Starting everyone at a base point each season would be fair to everyone.


Well whose fault is that? Lol It’s not like they’re gunna be miles behind like Ninny was compared to everyone else.

(CrAzyXLeGenD) #58

Lets make a vote who agree/disagree with the 3 months reset
i Don’t Agree With The 3 Months Reset!
And Its ur own Opinion

(Jairo) #59

The highscore should be reset every 3 months for a new season. The ingame scoreboard/wantedlist should stay. A fresh restart is good for once, not 4 times a year. I don’t think most of the people would like to have their stats reset every 3 months.

(AngryNinny) #60

I still don’t get how the high score will reset, but the top 100 players will remain the same. If everybody’s stats get reset, everybody will have 0 bounty points. How can you rank the top 100 players if everybody has 0 bounty points?

(Ddmasterkiller) #61

Just keep a log of the bounty points at the end of the 3rd month. But reseting “in game” stats is what most people is disagreeing with.


They are resetting it every three months?


Yeah Muchalord I believe next reset is November 1st


Seems a little soon for that, no?