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(Rapper) #26

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(AngryNinny) #27

I’m still confused how they can reset the high score without resetting the leaderboard. Isn’t the leaderboard determined by the amount of bounty points you have? If they reset the bounty points, the leaderboard will have to get rest too, right?

(Ddmasterkiller) #28

A reset every 3 months, whats the point in that?

At least update the game, A year after 4 resets without a single update.People will surely get tired of it

(Wolf) #29

Beggars can’t be choosers. We’ve asked for a reset and we’ve got it. Let’s just “digest” that first.

(Ddmasterkiller) #30

I’m just saying whats the point in resetting every 3 months.


You do not need to be confused, resetting the high score without resetting the leaderboard makes much more sense. Like let’s say Season one (September-November) ended, but the leaderboard stays the same and the high score is resetted. Everyone gets his x-cash, they can save season one just like they saved the old wanted list, and if anyone wants to check season one list or etc… they’ll be able to by simply going to the site where the season one list is saved. And if they really meant to reset both the leaderboard and the high score, then I suggest this idea. ^ It doesn’t matter to me either way, but what’s the point of getting bounty points if we know our stats will keep getting a reset every 3 months?

(Jairo) #32

i dont understand whats happening, are they resetting the highscore every 3 months or the game itself?


Everyone’s confused whether or not if the leaderboard and high score will be getting a reset every 3 months, or only the high score but leaderboard stays the same.


The point isn’t if it makes more sense, the point is if it is at all possible.

The point that Ninny and others have brought up is that how could they reset the highscore without resetting the leaderboard - since the highscores grabs the scores from the leaderboard. So you couldn’t have one without the other.

Another idea I propose is resetting the bounty points only and keeping the other stats such as kills rounds etc. Don’t know if this is possible but I guess it could keep both parties happy. That way you guys can keep your beloved stats and the game can mantain 100 active wanteds.

(Sacred) #35

Why do you guys care about stats? Mist, DD, etc you guys are really bad at the game and should be welcoming a reset of stats. People that really should care are people like me (200+ bpr 1.5 ish kd nearly a .6 win loss) - on main + Crossbow and Despise having literally the best alt stats ever, Ray N3rd Wolf etc (People who were actually good at the game) we welcome the change

I love having a reset as it always keeps the wanted list fresh. One thing I would propose is keeping an archive of the top 10 every season and having it easily viewable on the website/bbh


Yeah, I really don’t understand this obsession with stats, do you want to frame them and hang them up on your bedroom wall? Even AngryNinny, the guy who had 1 million bp on this game isn’t complaining, so get a grip of yourselves. Like, I currently have the best stats on the game and wouldn’t blink twice if they were wiped. People who are good enough to have great stats will understand this.

Seriously, for those of you who romanticise over your stats, after each season ends, your stats will be saved under Season X for you to see (just like the legacy scores). So you can all see how great (or probably really bad - in most cases) your stats were.

(Sacred) #37

I think ive won like 1 game out of 30 this season

i need to get back in my old form (peep my new thread m8)

(AngryNinny) #38


If the high score is reset, everybody will have 0 bounty points. The leaderboard would just be one giant tie, with everybody having 0 bounty points.

This is hands-down the best idea I’ve seen on XGen forums

(Jairo) #39

And then there’s drone with 0 kills and an extremely high BPR


I don’t care about my old stats mate where did I mention that I do? i’m just saying what’s the point of getting bounty points if you know you will lose them every 3 months.

(Sacred) #41

You earn bounty points so that you can be top of the list and earn xcash. Rinse and repeat

Keeps a fresh wanted list, keeps the game active, tbh i can’t really see many negatives about the reset except babies like ddmaster crying because his negative stats got reset

(Ddmasterkiller) #42

I wasn’t crying about my previous stats lmao, I was lost on the fact that you guys wanted a reset every 3 months. Now that i got a proper explanation I see why.

(Wolf) #43

I’m perfectly fine with resetting every 3 months. This would encourage a lot of competition and players will have to make an actual effort to keep up on the list. Stats are completely superficial and I wouldn’t regard them so highly or worship a ‘‘2.5 K/D.’’


At first I was kind of mad that it took me 6 years to get wanted all by myself, but as long as that legacy stat thing is there, it’s fine.

What I don’t like is the reset stats for every 3 months, come on, its perfect the way it is right now. Just keep it the way it is currently, and please, do not change it.

Just DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT reset the stats every 3 months, just the scores is fine.

(Ddmasterkiller) #45

I think 3 month reset is already official, 6 years lmaoooo