BBH ! Thanks Staff!

(rektgg) #1

Finally the reset came Thanks to scott and the staff team , all that BBH is needing now is some moderation and some new moderators cause i never see mods on. and theres to much hackers that come on . and they don’t get banned after a week or so anyways thank you staff team for this reset

+1 if you think we need some new moderators!

(CrAzyXLeGenD) #2

we just need old mods to be active in bbh or new mods

(rektgg) #3

theres no ‘‘Old mods’’

there’s only 2 mods for BBH (Kendry.808Blah)

we all know there very inactive…’

we need new mods!

(rektgg) #5

im wondering , did he resign or got demoted


I resigned.

Although due to this recent change and massive boost in activity, I would love to have the opportunity to moderate BBH again, if the current team see that as fit, of course.

  • N3rd

(Timbo) #7

nah n3rd u b using that Money Radius and its very obvious but if i speed at at 1.12 u ban me. Nahh get gud first

(rektgg) #12

I’m just going to be bumping my thread , i expected way more comments , but i guess not a lot of people are active on the fourms …

i’d just like to know if you disagree or like it

(AngryNinny) #13

Disagreed at first but as long as it resets every 3 months, I think BBH will be more active. I’m also glad XGen kept the legacy scores. Now nobody else will ever reach 1 million BP

(rektgg) #14

Why disagree , and yes your certainly right it took you , 10 full years to achieve that point . But thanks to Scott we still do have the legacy scores! Anyways even if BBH was up for the next 10 years I don’t think people would be interested .

(Wolf) #15

BBH hasn’t been around for 10 years :confused:


maybe you should reread what he said


what do you mean by bbh resets every 3 months? by that do you mean the leaderboard or the highscore xgen made?


Although I’m not entirely sure, I would assume both the leaderboard and the highscore will reset.

Season 1 will last from start of September to end of November. Then I believe, the game will reset again on 1st of December, and so forth.

Ultimately, this is the best idea and can do wonders to ensure the longevity of the game.

(AngryNinny) #19

“Season 1 starts TODAY and will go until the end of November, with a new season starting every 3 months.”

Yeah I would have to assume both are reset too. You can’t really reset the leaderboard without resetting the high score.


what if they reset the highscore without resetting the leaderboard?


They could do that.

But the whole point of resetting the game every 3 months means that at almost all times there will be active wanteds. This is what we wanted from the start right?


what’s the point of getting bounty points if you’re gonna keep losing them every 3 months?

resetting the highscore without the leaderboard makes much more sense


I’m entirely sure that I’ll be way more active.

Also, Mod spots will be opening up very soon due to the games rise in activity.

(Rapper) #24

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(jeremy) #25

i should me mod :slight_smile: i’m always active