BBH Screenshots


I lost all my wanted screenshot wins from 2016 rip, I also lost all my 100’s and double 100’s with kia. Another R.I.P. I wish we have access to old forums :'c

But I found this in ray’s screenshots vids. 536 with 13 wanteds


steal the win

(tyler louis) #111

(Schall) #112

I’m already a professional, right?

Rising champ.


Sauce it up!

(Lexus(17)) #114

(Ddmasterkiller) #115

Adrian legit said all of these were his accounts before the reset

He said he got over 100k on iaman


I played on my brothers computer and…



(Played BBH and Sucked Dick at it, like me) #123

(tyler louis) #124

ez win waz escaped the screen shot an a few others i 100k all of em and i joined at 7 minutes i hate people that escape just so they cant be in a screen shot i never escape

(tyler louis) #125

everyone was accusing me of hacking today i dont even hack that much :blush: :frowning:

(tyler louis) #127

i can win without shoes so it dont matter


First you say “I don’t even hack that much” then you claim you don’t have shoes buuuuut.

Yeah, okay.

(Lexus(17)) #129

One of unforgettable moments. I did highscore on BBH first time in my life.


(Jairo) #136

When I helped barbie gaining some bpoints. #TBT


Hey, what’s up?

(posting image for thread)


Jett ugly

(Princess Luna) #143

As I mentioned to the SA screenshot thread.

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