BBH Screenshots




I’ve been taking the W’s today.



won this game with flamer, pistol, and ak


I win famy all the time, but that does not make me better than him -_________________-

(Jiren The Gray) #94

Poached for 5 mins xd


(tyler louis) #96

(tyler louis) #97

it was a full wanted game took the screen shot late though

(Jairo) #98

That doesn’t matter, i liked it more when i was the only poacher in the match, or with 2k having poach off’s. But now we have these ■■■■■■■ kids who does what others are doing because it gets “attention”.

(Wolf) #99

To be fair, you can’t really expect others to not poach 'cause you can’t slap a trademark on poaching.

(CrAzyXLeGenD) #101

everyone is allowed to do what they want to do u cant do anything and u dont rule the bbh community
and kids are poaching for fun not for getting attention in a flash game
and ur trying to tell me that u didnt copy demigod???!

(Jairo) #102

This was a very good poaching game, imagine if there was 16 wanteds and not that one non that was stalking me hard as ■■■■.


A very rare combination of awards. I needed 86 kills to get the professional - however if I had I wouldn’t have got the poacher award. But yeah, not a bad game.

(Played BBH and Sucked Dick at it, like me) #104

pro as usual


(tyler louis) #106

these are all my wins from yesterday



(Jiren The Gray) #108

All red names 0.0