BBH Screenshots

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Random screenshot I found (from the beginning of Octobre I believe).
Just wanted to post something…



I’ll never forget this. Throwback from three years ago.

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #360

Waiting in the lobby for a game to end and then seeing the first 2 messages from players who join the lobby…


(Felda) #361

Same IAmNobody I remembered that game!!! I was on DeciKlraputra I lost cause I didn’t know how to weapon swap properly lol

Heres a random quickplay with another fairly good old player named Icynikka not sure if its the real one or fake

(Nikki) #362

your bookmarks ._.

Screenie for the thread:

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Ddmasterkiller btw SKRRRT Tb screenshots

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #364

I remember that, lol. Can someone explain to me how I got hunter in that game tho :3

Screenie for the thread (stats before reset, horrible as usual):


this guy


(Ajay) #366

when the stick arena goat is also the bbh goat

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Please be sure to include a BBH-related screenshot in your post.
All posts without BBH-related screenshots will be deleted.

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The Holy Chicken leaves me :((

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(Nikki) #374

ik that this wont last long but i thought id never see this :**)

(Nikki) #375


Screenshot is from September 2011 (wayyyy back, I was Irocksalot1 back then)


For the first time in almost 10 years, I make the wanted list! :smiley:


(Nick) #378

I was noob’ing in Boxhead when a couple other Boxheads went out of their way to make a private game and give me a some helpful pointers so to thank them I wanted to give them a shoutout here:

Thanks to @Box.Jay and @NeoKite for their support.

(The Neon Transformer) #379

Yo Nick it’s no problem bro tbh you should be thanking Jay not me.


(Nikki) #380

I made top 5 :DDDDD