BBH Screenshots

(Grim Reaper) #307

(Grim Reaper) #308

(Luca) #310




Yes, I’m Vulgarr - Premium ■■■■■.
And yes, I’m also XHEALx - Top 8

Just hit Top 9, sitting at #8. For all of you who said I’m Trash with Prems, look up above idiots, this is eactly why I made XHEALx to prove y’all wrong. Jay and Bambo shittalked me on Vulgarr yet when we were talking when I was on HEAL, they didn’t know it was me and they were saying I was good. Maybe they aren’t on the forums, but I just HAD to get this out, and to the rest of you who truly think I’m trash just because I used prems on Vulgarr. Well, now you’re wrong since I have the best KD in the game rn. Respect to those who actually appreciate and respect tho :slight_smile:

(Repost, since I deleted the 1st one by accident. You can go ahead and relike this 77bat00, LMAO)

(Chicken) #311

Don’t pay attention to the haters. Your mental health will suffer from it…
I personally am a good friend of Bambo and will try to get him to be nicer towards you. . .
And never forget there is always people that really appreciate you <3


(Luca) #312

Thanks Chicken <3

And, if you’re gonna showcase THAT screenshot I might as well show you all that I’m the first Most Wanted of this season (so u got nothing on me chicken, jaja)


who else can do this without shoes

no one

(Luca) #315

Consistent KD x3

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #316

do this without shoes

(Chicken) #317

666 views :open_mouth:
The next post is probably from Satan Himself.