BBH Screenshots

(AngryNinny) #254

winner hunter pro poacher

(Jiren The Gray) #255

Drone,I guess having shoes is speed hacking now lmao
(they probably cant take the L’s XD)


Both of you please insert a screenshot next time.

(Jairo) #259

I never said he didn’t have shoes lmfao, he has hacking get over it.

Repost because ain’t nobody better than me with poaching bounty points.

(Jiren The Gray) #260

So you just banned me for an assumption?? lmao your a good mod then if u perma ban players based on assumptions XD
(I guess when you have a 5 game winning streak against a mod, u get perma banned cuz "he might be hacking, it’s hard to win 5 wanted games in a row so he’s hacking " lmao maan people just can’t take the L :joy::joy::joy:
(This is why bbh are losing players cuz of hypocrite and ignorant mods like Drone who’s been playing this game since it first came out and he still can’t win consistently lmao, I mean come on bro at least be good on a flash game that u spent mostly all your time with :joy::joy::joy:

(Jairo) #261

Literally all you said above makes no sense and you were only banned for a week.

King of Poach, dont @ me.


(Jairo) #262



(Jairo) #263

Why is nobody posting here lol.




no farm just skill

(chris) #265

:slight_smile: nice :slight_smile: