BBH Screenshots


Post all of your BBH related screenshots here!



Boxhead Beta


(Played BBH and Sucked Dick at it, like me) #5


(LotusWarrior) #6

Dave was gud, ft Kevin, Chub, Blah, AngryNegro and Johan(Dhcj) xd

(Timbo) #7

Not nothing crazy but yea

(Jairo) #8

From a couple weeks ago, havent played a wanted game in a year but still manage to outpoach everyone on the shittest map of BBH. i still got it m8s

PS: Shout out to the wanteds that escaped the screenshot


Would be something crazy if you wasn’t hacking xD

(Timbo) #10

Please try to keep the thread screenshots only, if you feel that I’m hacking please record me and upload it to the hacker thread.



I’m pretty sure everyone in that game would agree, and who made a rule about not commenting on screenshots?

(Timbo) #12

Another game from yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

(Timbo) #13

I’m just asking keep the thread related to screenshots that’s all. I don’t know how well you can comprehend that. But if I’m just such this big hacker record me then. Plain and simple.


Well you have been recorded multiple times and just end up changing your IP so I don’t see the point in recording you anymore and would be nice if the screenshots in this thread were also kept honest and reliable.

(Timbo) #15

i screenshotted late asf but gg

(Timbo) #16

Sum light sum light

(Timbo) #17

Hadda give them the work on a alt too. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Timbo) #18

Alright I’m done lol


(Played BBH and Sucked Dick at it, like me) #20