BBH Colors & Textures Client + SWF File Player


What this topic is about:

  • The old bbh clients topic hasn’t seen activity since over a year ago, so I decided to post this topic regarding a new client I made (based off of N3rd and Ninny’s colors client), which has some new map textures. In addition, I’d like to share a more reliable program for running boxhead clients since most browsers have discontinued support for running SWF files.

Why you would want to download this client:

  • Clients generally have higher fps since they are run locally and not through the official website. From my observations, I usually average 25-31 FPS while playing on the official website and 30-36 while playing on the client (I play on a high-end laptop).
  • Clients allow for certain textures and images to be edited within the game for your eyes only. For example, within this client you can have your character suit set as a black devil, but for everyone else playing on the official website it would appear to be red.
  • This client contains additional suit colors provided by N3rd and AngryNinny along with new textures created by AutomaticReload.

Pictures from the new bbh client:

Download links:

Installation guides:

Technical support:

  • If you’re having any problems with getting the client to run and you’d like help then please feel free to contact me via forums, in YouTube comments, or by Discord PMs.


  • I plan to continue to update and release new versions of this client for awhile, so if you have any suggestions for new textures or any other change, please contact me. All constructive feedback is appreciated.

Thanks to the following users for their help in making this client, no matter how big or small their contributions may be.

  • AngryNinny, Muchalor, N3rd, Nooga, & TheHolyChicken


Topic: Version 2.1 is now up with a couple new textures for Shady Warehouse and Temple along with slightly modified colors for money boxes.

Guide: To apply this update, you just want to download the assets file, which I will include a link to below. After downloading it, you want to drag it into the folder with all of the other client files, and click yes when it asks you if you want to replace the pre-existing assets file.



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Topic: The client has been updated once again and is now at Version 2.2

Patch Notes:

  • New lobby background and color scheme
  • Additional suit color changes

Guide: This time around, you’ll want to replace both the “click here to play” file and the “assets” file. Download the two updated files below, drag them into the folder with all of the other client files, and click “yes” when it asks you if you want to replace the two pre-existing files.



Edited the purple devil suit as per @Muchalord 's request.
Also remastered the dark blue devil suit.