Apple WWDC Stuff

(Scott) #1

I’m a bit of an Apple nerd and I usually watch the keynotes. I do a lot of artwork for XGen on my iPad Pro and I’m super pumped about the changes going into iOS11. Dragging and dropping images etc… it looks like they’re turning it into a pretty functional OS.

Anyone else excited about this stuff, or is it just me?

(Schallmeister) #2

I like Apple too! I have the 27" iMac with the 5K resolution. I do photography with my phone, (iPhone 6s Plus) for fun and edit those pictures on my Mac with macOS Sierra. The leaf in my picture and the turtle on my page are ones I took. I had a thread in the old forum where I posted a bunch of my photos. I’d like to do something with them because I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from people I know, I just don’t really know how to start any of that.

I’ve seen your drawings on your Tumblr and they’re pretty nice!

(Scott) #3

That’s so cool Schallmeister! I’d love to see more of your photos. Do you have a website or something?

Yeah, that new iMac Pro looks incredible… but who has $5000 bucks??? :cry:

(Schallmeister) #4

I don’t… but when this new forum starts picking up, I’ll probably start up another thread for them. I’ve thought about talking with like forestries around here and seeing if I could sell them my photos for their website or Facebook page or something, or just to different people if they like one of the ones I have. It’s something I like doing… maybe eventually I’ll do something with them.

It does look neat! And that’s asking for a pretty penny.

(Scott) #5

Excellent! I love seeing all of the creative things everyone is doing.

(Ethan) #6

Though I like Apple’s products, I’m so-so about this year.

Definitely excited for iOS 11, though I think they overhyped a lot of not so interesting features. The overhaul on the AppStore is definitely nice, as well as the new control center and how they’re utilizing their 3D Touch feature for more accessibility. Their Augmented Reality definitely has me excited for a bunch of creative and innovative games to come up in the near future and was a good move to release the ARkit to further aid developers to take those steps (Pokémon GO definitely could have used this initially). However, I really can’t care enough to know what my friends are listening to on Apple Music and certainly not enough to share it via social media, the DND while driving feature has me a bit concerned that my phone will be almost useless while driving since while I’m not one to text and drive or even use it for that matter, there are the occasions where I may need to and would hope that I can toggle it on and off just in case. Their new compression method will be nice to save on storage since I always have thousands of photos and videos, but I’m hoping the quality will still remain the same and won’t be riddled with artifacts as a compromise. All in all, I’m pretty excited for that, but I’m sure it’ll take some messing around with to really appreciate it.

While the MacBook Pro looks really nice and definitely has some impressive specs, it’s very overpriced for what it’s worth. Unless you take into account how they manage to fit all of its hardware into its slim package, you could build a far more impressive pc for half the price, slap macOS in it and have a far more superior MacBook than what they plan on releasing. However, windows is my go to in that regards, so I can’t say I’d ever be investing in their computers.

Same for tablets, as the iPads never seem to have enough distinguishing features that an iPhone doesn’t already come packed with, but I will say they’re definitely going in the right direction with the iPad Pro. I think they finally realize that anything under 64gb is basically useless nowadays for anything practical and having an option for half a terabyte would definitely be nice for those who use the iPad for artwork and whatnot. I would love to have affinity photo though and might be the reason I invest in an iPad for the first time in five years.

Everything else was blehhh as I never buy into their overpriced accessories, but overall is definitely an exciting year for them with a lot of interesting things about to hit the market. Just waiting on the ever so infamous iPhone “Pro” now!