Appeal Instructions

Hello all,

Seeing as there has been an influx of users asking to appeal their permanently banned accounts, we have decided to oblige and give certain users a second chance. You can submit a message to the moderator team [video tutorial] with a poll (settings wheel, then select build a poll).

When submitting the appeal, please make sure to include the entire moderator team in the message.

Here is the current list of moderators:

Boxhead moderators are marked with an asterisk after their name.


You must have served at least 2 months of your five year ban sentence.
You must have a clean record (i.e. no other bans) since you initially got perma banned - don’t even bother appealing if you’re a frequent rule offender.
Your account must be e-mail verified to prove ownership.

Here’s the outline for an appeal (please follow it):

Account: Targa
E-mail on account:
Ban reason: Hacking

Explain who you are here, the circumstances of your ban, and why you think you deserve a second chance. Try to aim for 300 characters.
Make sure to title your message “Ban Appeal: (your SA username here)”. Include a poll, and make the poll question “Should (your SA username here) be unbanned?”. Give the poll two options (“Yes” and “No”), and most importantly, leave the poll private.

Once you submit your appeal, we will begin our voting period. The mod team must be at least 75 percent in favor for the appeal, or 66 percent if only three mods voted. If a single moderator has a very good reason to not be for the appeal, the appeal will be denied and you can try again 2 months after the date you’ve started the appeal. The appeal process will now take no longer than 3 days to finalize.

If your appeal is declined, you may submit another no earlier than 2 months after you started the appeal. Use this time to reflect and improve your standing with us - this will help us see if you do, in fact, deserve a second chance.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: I’ve watched the appeal video, but I still can’t send a message to moderators. Why?
A: If you are a new user, you do not yet have the ability to immediately send messages via private message. You can get your trust level upgraded by entering at least 5 topics, reading at least 30 posts and spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts. Alternatively, you can message a moderator explaining these circumstances and request that your user level be upgraded without this criteria.

Q: My appeal was accepted and my account was unbanned. Can I lend it to a friend for him to use?
A: No. If we see the account you appealed is with someone else, we will ban that account, no questions asked. If it is your account, you need to be in possession of it at all times. This also includes selling/trading the account.

Q: My friend is banned on the forums/doesn’t have a forums account. Can I make an appeal for them?
A: No. If your friend does not have a forums account, let them know they need to make one and do it theirselves. If they are banned on the forums and want to make an account appeal, let them know to make an appeal for their forums account first. From there, the forum admins and moderators will decide whether or not to unban this user. Furthermore, if you’re asked by anyone to make an account appeal for them for any reason, and you do, you nor the owner of that account will be allowed to make another appeal for 1 year. We will not tolerate users making appeals for one another.

Q: I can’t remember my email/my account doesn’t have an email to it. What do I do?
A: If you can not provide the email associated to the account, you can not prove to us that you have ownership of that account. You must know the email associated to the account for us to get anywhere with the appeal. However, we may provide hints to the email to help you out. We will not give you the full email.

Q: My account was banned and I don’t know why. What do I do?
A: Do not make an appeal. Private message one of the moderators with your issue and we will inform you of it. The appeals are strictly for appealing permanently banned accounts.

Q: How many accounts can I appeal at once?
A: You may appeal as many accounts as you like in 1 day, provided they all have the same ban reason. If you have more accounts after that you want to appeal, you must make a separate appeal for them at least 1 day after the first set.

If you have a question that isn’t listed or you are unsure about something in this thread, private message a moderator and we will assist you.